In January Preet Chandi, who’s become known as ‘Polar Preet’, trekked 700 miles in 40 days, facing temperatures of -50C, poor visibility and fatigue along the way to become the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition across Antarctica to the South Pole. During the trek,the British-born Sikh Army Officer, a physiotherapist with a Regular Army Regiment, had to tackle 60mph winds while pulling a 90kg sled and suffered from exhaustion and illness. Her courage and fortitude in completing this extraordinary challenge is truly inspirational and she shared those experiences with pupils from Limavady High, NWRC, Limavady Grammar and Coleraine Grammar as part of a UK wide speaking tour. The Lord Lieutenant Mrs Alison Millar was there and along with the pupils from across the community were compelled by the videos and descriptions of the journey through terrifying winds, crevasses and snow bridges and temperatures below 50. “We heard how she managed loneliness, sleep deprivation hygiene issues, trying to heat water and food and a constant battle to avoid frostbite. The pupils has so many questions for her and we were all equally impressed and inspired by this young woman.