Isobel Costine Celebrates 100th Birthday

A special insight into Isobel Costine & how she is regarded within our family.

Isobel’s grand-daughter Alison writes fondly of her grand-mother,”She taught me to knit and she made coats for all the great-grandchildren keeping them cosy when little. And during Lock-down she knitted little hats for premature babies in our local hospitals.”

Alison still remembers when little and staying with her Granny she was brought a breakfast tray with freshly squeezed orange juice and she thanks her Granny for that and for being an equal match in draughts! And she loved all the jigsaws they did together and the Word Searches.

She remembers how her Granny bought roses each time a great grandchild was born – each rose having their name. She thanks her grand mother for baking 100’s of wheaten loaves, scones and traybakes and for handing the recipes down. She thanks her for being a being a listening ear, for praying for her, for teaching her not to lose her temper, for encouraging her to attend church faithfully & to bring her children, for teaching all the family patience & kindness.

Isobel’s daughter, Margaret Trimble, writes of her mother ‘My mother taught us all not to be wasteful, learning the value of money & generosity & of being non judgmental. She always took a pride in her appearance & I’m reminded of her love of dark chocolate, which we now all have. And Mum is still knitting little hats for premature babies in our local hospitals. Now in Brookhill House since May no doubt she has already made her mark there!

Lady Karen Girvan who represented the Lord Lieutenant said Isobel,is one of the loveliest centenarians it has been my pleasure to visit. Until 2 months ago she was able to be in her own home and look after herself. She spent lockdown knitting for the premature baby unit, a remarkable lady.

Thanks to photographer Kevin McAuley.